A Memento From the Gamble House: Picture Frames

This design challenge combines budget realities with high-quality Arts and Crafts details

gamble house bookstore picture frame by jeff grainger workshop
Picture frame by Jeff Grainger; Gamble House Bookstore

The Gamble House is one of the “Ultimate Bungalows” designed and built by Charles and Henry Greene. These houses were the complete package: furniture, lighting, textiles, all designed for that specific house. The Gamble House is the only original Greene and Greene home open to the public that contains all of its original lighting and furniture.

This is largely due to the conservancy of the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture. As an aside, each year, two USC fifth-year architecture students are selected to live in the house full-time for one year, as on-site guardians.

The original splendor of the Gamble House is rigorously maintained inside and out. If you ever have a chance to tour the

that fit reasonably within the bookstore’s pricing framework and reflected the quality the Gamble House is known for.

The idea behind these frames is to provide Gamble House visitors with a memento that represents the style and feel of the grand bungalow they have just toured.

I’m proud that I accomplished both tasks well. Here’s a beautifully designed and constructed frame I’m proud to put my name on at a reasonable cost.

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