The Other Gamble House

A Gamble family member pays tribute to his past with an Arts and Crafts cabin in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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The memory lives on

gamble house jackson hole wyoming dining chair by jeff grainger This is the late-1800s settler’s cabin next to my studio (on the grounds of the Jackson Hole Historical Society) with a dining chair I built for the Gamble House.

I moved back to Pasadena in 2009 after the project came to a close. Sadly, the house wasn’t finished per the owner’s vision, due to his untimely death. However, I treasure the experience of collaborating and designing original furniture for a large home in the Arts and Crafts style for a member of the Gamble family.

The Jackson Hole Gamble House was completed by a new owner who made it habitable after years of neglect and damage from the harsh mountain elements. Today, the sign hangs in my Pasadena studio as a reminder of a one-of-a-kind project.

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