A True Craftsman Art Form

Tramp art is a true American Folk Art (made by some pretty interesting folks)

Tramp Style Frame Jeff Grainger Studio
Tramp-Style Frame, by Craftsman Artist Jeff Grainger

When you think of the word “tramp,” do you immediately picture a homeless person who pilfers from others to survive? Most people do.

A tramp was a jack of all trades; an often-skilled worker who purposefully moved from city to city, but wasn’t homeless. This

often resembling the cuts of precious stones. Tramp Art’s other hallmarks are the use of brass tacks for both function and adornment, and the gilding of the notches to accentuate the dimensions in each piece.

Tramp Art is both intricate and resourceful. I imagine these tramps and hoboes of bygone days never realized they were creating a truly original American Folk Art style that depicts an interesting tributary in our history

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Source: “Hobo & Tramp Art Carving,” by Adolph Vandertie & Patrick Spielman