Plein Air Living – A Natural Rocky Mountain High

Durango, Colorado’s natural light and beauty inspires art and furnishing

I recently spent a few days in Durango, Colorado to participate in the annual Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. This was my fourth run in the Durango-to-Silverton bicycle road race.

The Iron Horse is a 52-mile race, with a total elevation increase of 6,700 feet over two, 10,000-foot mountain passes. It begins at an elevation of 6,000 feet (a real accomplishment for someone who’s now living at sea level).

Plein Air beauty; View from Wilson House, Durango, Colorado
Plein Air beauty; View from Wilson House, Durango, Colorado

Although it’s grueling, I enjoy the people, challenge, and most of all, the breathtaking landscape. It is easy to see how the air and light of these mountains, just like the Arroyo in Pasadena near my home, inspired Plein Air artists.

Thankfully, it didn’t snow this year, and I didn’t have to the sum of its parts. The perfect setting to compose myself for the physical effort of the Iron Horse. The house is beautiful in photos, but the reality and peace of being there is so much more. Once there, it’s difficult to find a reason to leave.

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